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Department of Visual Communication Design, Shu-Te University


四點設計 Contact to Social for cooperation

Mainly searches for people’s social behaviors in this generation. It is necessary to humans. In the process of people communicating with each other, there are all kinds of people, picking out common role behaviors, and you, what kind of social?


Department of Commercial Design, Hsing wu university

There are profound differences in personalities between the Eastern and Western culture. People from the East are shy and reserved, while people from the West are direct and open. Through text designs that radiate warmth and filled with hidden confessions created by a language that utilizes numeric digits; people in the Eastern culture can express their feelings with the same sense of openness towards others around them as well. "1314 CODE OF LOVE" are sweet confections made with the combination of Chinese characters and numbers. These numbers resemble heartfelt love messages when translated to Mandarin Chinese. The connotative meaning within these words assist one’s desire to express their inner feelings and turn them into heartfelt confessions.

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