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Day of Akha

Department of Design, Chulalongkorn University


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One’s culture and story are what differentiate one place from another, especially for the people of Akha, who take pride in a deep cultural heritage. However, Akha’s belief is neglected by newer generations. Consequently, travelers who visit the village cannot discern its cultural traces and learn about the age-old wisdom of this ethnicity. Besides embracing the beautiful scenery, travelers are often idle because of the lack of activities during the day. Day of Akha is a location-based application that lets travelers explore the Akha ‘Doi Pa Hee’ village while learning about Akha’s traditional beliefs through an augmented reality (AR) medium which connects the flow of the digital realm with the physical world.


Inflatable Stretcher

Department of Industrial Design, Shih Chien University

When an accident occurs, the rescuer's emotions and strains may not be able to properly rescue. The inflatable stretcher integrates ambulance supplies and fixed equipment, it is expected that when an incident occurs, it can be quickly taken in the form of a bag, and calmly follow the instructions on the stretcher to correctly rescue.

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