The 38th YODEX Opens on May 3. The 2019 Edition of the Exhibition Showcases Exceptional Design Creativity!


Jointly supervised by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Ministry of Education, organized by Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA, and executed by Taiwan Design Center, the “38th Young Designers’ Exhibition (YODEX)” takes place in Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 and Hall 3 from May 3 to 6, 2019, featuring 3,848 works submitted by 10,333 young designers, who come from 137 departments of 65 domestic institutes; among the exhibited works, 130 are fruits of industry-academia collaborations.



This year, Hom Liou, Archi Director of Wooyo Architecture and winner of the 2018 Best of Golden Pin Design Award, has been invited to be the curator of YODEX, setting “Undefind” as the theme of the exhibition. Seven young professionals have been invited to participate in the exhibition; they have devoted their design skills and knowledge to their work, and are leading figures in their respective domains, including food, apparels, and ceramics. This is a way of encouraging young designers to always remain aspired and professional in different industries, so they can demonstrate the influences of design!



To narrow the gap between academia and industry, the “YODEX Industry-Academia Collaborative Project” launched by Industrial Development Bureau invites sixteen enterprises, including Compal Electronics, Sanyang Motor, NOVA Design, and 5% design Action Social Design Platform…and more, to set topics for student designer teams; 59 teams have been selected to participate in the project, and the outcomes are presented in four major themes: “Social Culture,” “Smart Technology,” ”Green Sustainability,” and “Innovative Life.” The project showcases the effort by the private sector in nurturing future talents, as well as the students’ creative energy that answers to actual market demands.



In the area of facilitating industry-academia exchange of design, this year’s YODEX has designated the fourth day as “Enterprise Day,” inviting nearly 2,000 professionals from over 1,000 enterprises, public agencies, and associations, to visit the exhibition. Also, YODEX cooperates with 1111 Job Bank for the first time; in addition to offering job matching service at the exhibition, 1111 will also launch “YODEX Exclusive Job Site,” listing over 1,500 design related job opportunities so that students can quickly find their dream jobs. 


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