2018 New Talent Design Month Design Students in Northern, Central, and Southern Taiwan Connect through Exhibitions in May!

 “YODEX,” “Vision Get Wild Award,” and “A+ Creative Festival” are important stages on which design students in Taiwan showcase their achievements and creativity. These three events will take place in northern, central, and southern Taiwan in May in succession. Industrial Development Bureau under Ministry of Economic Affairs, Department of Higher Education under Ministry of Education, and Bureau of Cultural Heritage under Ministry of Culture, specially collaborate to designate May as “New Talent Design Month,” and held a launch press conference at Songshan Cultural & Creative Park on May 9, connecting the three thematic exhibitions of design students, and showing support and care for young Taiwanese design talents through concrete actions.



The first of the three events to take place is “Vision Get Wild Award,” which will be held at Kaohsiung Exhibition Center from May 16 to 18. The exhibition is organized by Industrial Development Bureau, and will feature curatorial teams from 59 departments and six main exhibition areas. The exhibition offers latest AR and VR experiences, allowing visitors to enjoy unlimited Fun Tech. This year’s event has invited renowned domestic and international speakers to share on topics including animation, design, film, music, Fun Tech, and AR/VR, presenting a total of 9 international seminars.



Coming up next from May 17 to 22 is “A+ Creative Festival” held at Taichung Cultural & Creative Industries Park, organized by Bureau of Cultural Heritage. Since 2010, the event has successfully achieved segmentation, becoming the largest design festival in central Taiwan. This year’s event will expand to include the category of “Cultural Heritage,” featuring contents including exhibition of works, design competition, and outdoor peripheral activities. The design competition will invite domestic and overseas professional representatives of various disciplines to form professional juries for all the categories; the juries will jointly select new design powers of the A+ Creative Festival, injecting more design energy to central Taiwan.



The grand finale of the “New Talent Design Month” is “YODEX” jointly supervised by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Ministry of Education. YODEX is a joint thematic exhibition of design students, which is the largest such exhibition in the world with the longest history. YODEX will take place at Hall 1 & 3, Taipei World Trade Center, from May 25 to 28. This is the 37th edition of the exhibition, and this year (2018), YODEX features approximately 4,000 innovative works by over 9,000 young designers from 137 departments of 64 domestic schools. During the exhibition, the winning work of Taiwan’s most prestigious “Golden Pin Design Award—Young Pin Design” will be selected. All the chairs of the juries are key figures in the industries, such as Gogoro’s design director Wang Song-fu, Director Muh Chen of Grass Jelly Studio that specializes in combining film aesthetics and digital technology, and founder Justin Chou of Just in XX who became the first designer from Taiwan to launch a show during New York Fashion Week. All these heavyweights are successful and active practitioners in different design domains, and the prize money totals at 1 million NTD!



“New Talent Design Month” will be launched in May. Starting from Vision Get Wild Award in Kaohsiung in the middle of the month, to A+ Creative Festival in Taichung, and then YODEX in Taipei towards the end of the month, we will be able to see from various design aspects the unlimited creativity and energy of young designers, and these are the future driving forces of Taiwan’s design. Through continued learning and progress, our life and world are made better by design, creating a new age.

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