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To establish a practical new mechanism connecting the industry and the academia, Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI) launched the first YODEX Industry-Academia Cooperation event in 2014, for which distinguished enterprises from various sectors were invited to set design challenges for students in design-related university departments. The collaboration provides design talents with industry know-how prior to entering the workforce; allows the academia to understand practical needs of the industry to bridge the training-application gap; and strengthens the industry-academia communication. The goals are to encourage enterprises to bring creativity into their practice through the interaction and collaboration with students; to discover and recruit outstanding design talents; to develop industry innovation through cross-sector design; co-create future business opportunities through industry-academia collaboration. The YODEX exhibition as a platform will continue to execute co-creation projects through industry-academia design collaboration, and facilitate new values and new commercial models by promoting industry-academia cooperation.

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Challenge-proposing workshops (for enterprises)

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Enterprise assessment and challenge announcements



Q What role does TDRI play in the YODEX Industry-Academia Cooperation?

A TDRI serves as a project-managing platform which assists challenge-proposing enterprises and student teams in communication and liaison, and planning and organizing all stages of administrative tasks such as sign-up, contract signing and coordinating meeting time. TDRI is also in charge of curating the YODEX showcase, as well as exhibition space planning and construction.


Q What are the areas that require the participation of challenge-setting enterprises during the course of the YODEX Industry-Academia Cooperation project?

A Enterprises are required to take part in 1 or 2 promotional events; conduct preliminary, follow-up and final-stage reviews; act as industry consultants for selected teams and provide industry know-how and tech advice/courses; assist the shortlisted teams in their design output.


Q In addition to the enterprises offering in-house design and R&D resources/advice to assist student teams in their design production, if additional consultation of other sectors is required, will TDRI offer assistance in this regard?

A Based on enterprises’ request for consultation of other sectors, TDRI will strive to invite external consultants to take part and assist student teams in their design production.


Q What efforts will TDRI put into keeping confidential the manufacturing process of challenge-setting enterprises during the production of the YODEX Industry-Academia Cooperation projects?

A All stages of the project execution (e.g., preliminary/final reviews, consultation and workshops) will be done on the principle of one enterprise at a time. External consultants attending any meetings will have to sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure maximum info security. Shortlisted teams will sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) to protect the confidentiality of participating enterprises’ manufacturing process and other trade info.


Q How long is the execution duration of the YODEX Industry-Academia Cooperation project?

A The execution begins with the challenge-proposing enterprises confirming their participation status and goes on until the YODEX exhibition showcasing the industry-academia cooperation outcomes next year (approximately every May to end of May the following year).

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