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Want to get a sense of the real industry, challenge yourself with interesting industry topics or seek future job opportunities? All students are welcome to take part in the industry-academia design cooperation. Pick a challenge in line with industry trends and submit a design proposal, and a collaborating enterprise will provide coaching resources such as general industry info, tech consultation, model subsidiaries and sponsorship. We invite outstanding student teams to submit their design proposals and collaborate with the industry for some brainstorming which will hopefully lead to creative and practical outcomes.

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Q What is YODEX Industry-Academia Cooperation?

A Since 2014, Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI) has been promoting YODEX Industry-Academia Cooperation, for which we invite enterprises of various sectors to set design challenges; openly call for design submissions; have enterprises coaching the competitors. Through this cross-sector collaboration, we provide design talents with the relevant industry knowledge for the academia to understand the practical needs of the industry. Meanwhile, the enterprises can discover and cultivate outstanding creative talents through the coaching process. This platform will continue to facilitate new values and new commercial models by promoting industry-academia cooperation.


Q When can one sign up and when is the submission deadline?

A Submission begins on August29, 2022 (Monday) and ends at 17:00 October 3, 2022 (Monday).


Q Who has the copyright of the finished product from an industry-academia cooperation project?

A If challenge-proposing enterprises have the intention of turning their assisted project outcome into a merchandise or launch it to the market, they can talk to the creators for ensuing business collaboration. Within one year after the YODEX exhibition ends, challenge-proposing enterprises are prioritized over other enterprises for business negotiation regarding the intellectual copyright of the design project outcome. Should the shortlisted teams wish to sell their intellectual property right to a third party, they need to first inform the challenge-proposing enterprise and obtain its consent.


Q Where can we access the project sign-up and other info?

A For details, please go to “Industry-Academia Design Cooperation” on the YODEX website (


Q Will the industry-academia consultants be assigned by the participating enterprises?

A No, the student teams that sign up for the industry-academia cooperation have to seek their own consultants from their university/college faculty, and complete the design project with concerted efforts of the consultants and the enterprises.


Q Can students from different universities/colleges form a team for the industry-academia cooperation project?

A Adhering to the spirit of cross-sector collaboration, we encourage students to form their teams regardless of their departments and universities but based on expertise required by the challenges proposed by enterprises. They can sign up as individuals or as a team (maximum 4 people in one team and 6 people for cross-department/university teams). Certain challenges are proposed jointly by different sectors and welcome student teammates of different expertise for the purpose of project integrity.


Q Can one design be submitted to multiple enterprises? What is the maximum number of enterprises that one can work with for the industry-academia collaboration?

A Students can submit design proposals in response to enterprises’ challenges of their own choice, as well as submit the same design proposal or multiple design proposals to more than two enterprises. They can also submit multiple design proposals to the same enterprise. For as many students as possible to take part, if the finalist teams receive approval from more than two enterprises, each team can only collaborate with two enterprises at most, and it has to be two different design projects.


Q In addition to winning cash prizes, what are the advantages of taking part in the industry-academia cooperation projects?

A What is most valuable about taking part in industry-academia cooperation projects is that students get to apply their training to the industry. Besides competition prizes, TDRI also provides subsidies for models and transportation. Should the design proposal have any follow-up development, collaborating enterprises will also offer relevant assistance. The Industry-Academia Cooperation pavilion at the YODEX exhibition gives great exposure to shortlisted design proposals.


Q Should the design proposal for the industry-academia cooperation be commercially mature and ready for the market?

A The challenge-setting enterprises will determine how commercially mature the design proposal should be. Some enterprises hope to see proposals with creative ideas, while others would like to see proposals that can facilitate mass production within 1 to 3 years. We expect students to discuss and communicate with their collaborating enterprises as they work on their common goal. For preliminary challenge set by enterprises, please refer to “Important Notice” under Challenge Proposals by Enterprises on YODEX Industry-Academia Cooperation website (


Q How commercially ready should the submitted proposal be?

A For the Round-1 submission, the proposal would be sufficient, as long as the presentation panel covers the preliminary design, such as design drawing and design concepts. Once chosen for the Round-2 selection, student competitors will get to implement their design concepts to a certain extent, given the coaching from collaborating enterprises.


Q Can the industry-academia cooperation outcomes be submitted for international competitions?

A As the industry-academia cooperation outcome is the fruit of concerted efforts of the student team and the collaborating enterprise, obtaining consent from collaborating enterprises is required before taking part in competitions organized by other enterprises. To enter shortlisted design projects into competitions organized by other enterprises in Taiwan or overseas requires consent from the collaborating enterprises as to whether to list them as the co-creator of the design to avoid any misunderstandings.


Q If the number of members in a team exceeds the limit, can more members be added?

A According to the YODEX Industry-Academia Cooperation guidelines, each team should consist of no more than 4 people (or no more than 6 people for cross-department teams). For those exceeding the limit, please adhere to the project guidelines. Once shortlisted, they can proceed to communicate with the enterprises over the possibility of increasing team members (as each enterprise may have different considerations, e.g., insufficient coaching capacity).

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