Designer Venture Challenge

New Form of Academia and Industry Cooperation Platform

Building an interactive platform where enterprises set topics and students propose solutions.

Establish Interdisciplinary Cooperation Model

Industry Diversification and Academia-Industry Cooperation across Departments and Schools.

Incubate Excellent Creative Talents

Incubating outstanding talents for enterprises through close interactions between businesses and students.

Total number of submissions over the years.
Total number of participating students over the years.
Businesses invovled in Academia-industry cooperation.


"Since launching the first “Designer Venture Challenge Project” in 2014, TDRI has continued inviting enterprises from all disciplines to set topics for graduation projects by students in related departments. In addition to holding open call for submissions from outstanding teams, TDRI also invites enterprises to provide design talents guidance and related knowledge on industries, so that the academia understands practical needs of the enterprises, thus narrowing the gap between academia and real practice.
Also, through the process, enterprises can discover outstanding talents and develop innovative merchandise or service models with great potentials. Through the platform of “YODEX,” the project will continue promoting the idea of academia-industry design cooperation, and drive the “new value and new business model” of academia-industry cooperation."

Coop Period

Invite Enterprises
Enterprises propose topics and negotiate sponsorship
Call for Submissions by Students
Organize promotional seminars and participate in internal promotion of enterprises
Preliminary Selection
Select Participating Teams and Plan Practical Instruction and Guidance
November to April
Practical Instruction and Guidance
Visits to Enterprises, Workshops, Instruction Meetings
Award Ceremony and Exhibition
Award Ceremony for Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award winning teams, Exhibition of Works

Application Procedure

Step 1
Choose an Ideal Enterprise
Step 2
Complete Online Application
Step 3
Submitting Presentation Board and Documents
Submitting Presentation Board and Documents
The industry and academia interact and exchange to spark creative and practical results, offering a platform that turns dream of design into reality.

Enterprise Invitation

For enterprises looking for creative merchandise, talents, interactive platform for brands and the new generation, or new partnership model between industry and academia. YODEX sincerely invites enterprises of all disciplines to participate in design coop and establish an interactive platform for innovation.

Student Application

The project encourages students to submit design proposals that respond to industrial trends. Enterprises provide guidance and resources, such as industry outlook, technical instruction, model assistance, and funding, and select outstanding teams from design schools. The industry and academia interact and exchange to spark creative and practical results, offering a platform that turns dream of design into reality.
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Designer Venture Challenge
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